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Air To Water Heat Pump quotation

  • State: Arkansas
  • Country: Australia
  • Listado: junio 25, 2018 12:19 am
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Deron heat pump provide space heating for private house, restaurants, hotels, schools, factories, hospitals and new building.

Daikin or Copeland Compressor
Emerson brand thermal Expansion Valve, 4-way valve is Saginomiya
8 pole Axial type fan motor + Nylon fan blades, low power consumption, long usage life, low running noise
Deron heat exchanger (tube in tube type), not easy fouling and easy for maintenance
Coated steel or SUS 304# stainless steel cabinet for choose

Specification data:
DE-27W/C DE-27W/DDE-36W/C DE-36W/DDE-46W/C DE-46W/DDE-92W/DDE-180W/D
Power supplyV/Ph/Hz380/3/50380/3/50380/3/50380/3/50380/3/50
1)Heating capacitykW10.815193874.5

Rated power inputkW2.73.754.759.518.5
2)Heating capacitykW8.5121530.560

Rated power inputkW2.43.248.216
Required hot water flow ratem3/h2.23.24816
Water connection
Max. currentA7.510132549
Max. water temp.℃6060606060
Operation temp. range℃-10-45-10-45-10-45-10-45-10-45
Net weightkg100120140270622
Net sizemm680×545×1055 / 770×690×860755×595×1490 / 800×800×1000755×595×1490 / 870×830×9701200×920×12252200×1135×2150
1)Heating by Ambient temp.(DB/WB): 20℃ /15℃ amd Water temp.(in/out): 15℃/55℃;
2)Heating by Ambient temp.(DB/WB): 7℃ /6℃ and Water temp.(in/out): 30℃/35℃;
Above information just for your reference, Please subject to the nameplate on the unit
Refrigerant is optional

Heat pump Components:
Daikin or Copeland Scroll Compressor
–Strong anti-liquid shack ability
–Higher efficiency
–Lower lifetime
–Stable & Durable

Golden hydrophilic fin-tube evaporator
— (Refrigerant cycle inside copper tube)
–Stronger corrosion protection, High efficiency

Threaded coaxial coil condenser – Tube heat exchanger
— (Outer steel, inner copper)
–increase heat exchanger area
–No easy to scale and block up easier to clean

Fan Motor and Fan Blade
– 8 pole fan motors + big strengthened fiber nylon fan blades
– Longer lifetime
– World famous brand- CIE can be you option
–Stronger flow switch inside is on your option

Deron intelligent remote indoor controller
SAGINOMIYA 4-way-valve to adjust refrigerant flow direction for defrosting/cooling
–To control & indicate the gas outlet direction

Emerson thermal expansion valve
–For stable performance of refrigerant cycling

Our promise:
—Eligible for trade and distribution
—Customer orientation
DERON provide you optimized solutions and product customization as well as globalized customer services.
— Satisfaction guarante
18 months warranty for air-to-water heat pumps and water-to-water heat pumps, and 24 months special for swimming pool heat pumps.
— Energy efficient
Reduce energy cost and greenhouse gas emission.
— Safety
Water and electricity isolation technology and comprehensive protection, like anti-freezing protection, water flow protection, high/low pressure protection, phase sequence protection etc.
— Convenience and economic
A perfect substitute for solar panels, electric & gas water heaters.
Can be installed where solar roof collectors aren’t suitable and looks better.
Less electricity and running cost, an ideal upgrade from the traditional water heaters.
—Strict quality control
ISO industry standards.
Standard & strict manufacture process.
Every product must be tested and double checked before package.
Please don’t hesitate, click right now! Deron is your best choice.
We welcome your visit to our factory.Air To Water Heat Pump quotation

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